dinsdag 15 februari 2022

dinsdag 8 februari 2022

For Love of UbuntuStudio

 Since i decided to upgrade to 21.10 to allready get a bit used to the KDE environment a lot changed for me. It was because i wanted to get pipewire-pulse & -alsa running like i had before. For years i was trying to build a hardware-bridge for the musicplayer to revert back to jack without any conversion of bitrate and without that beeping-earth sound. And now we can: I learned that is is the alsa-pipewire extra' s that do da trick here: It wants me to play @ 48000Hz on a an external soundcard and if i don't do that the sound from the 44,100Hz player sounds like shit. (almost alike☺). So this is do-able; i connected the guitar directly to the card and the total output goes through jack. I don' t mind that the music and the guitar comes in the same channels, it might even help production! 

Now i see several working situations possible and also this will be possible without pipewire-pulse but not without pipewire-alsa. The jack-pipe can always be turned on but i will wait for Ubuntu to come by on this with WirePlumber.