vrijdag 3 februari 2012


Good evening friends and followers,
The week ended with good feelings and joy needs to be shared so joepie!! This week was too cold for my bicycle but i was sweating from it. Yeah and so what that i was late at work today, it was for the good cause of improving life.  They will get flex-times there no matter what they say now and they will all learn that they should listen to me more and that it is for the better. My hearth says it's O.K. and that i will get what i want. I devote my life for rearranging our system but it can be done now! There is no financial crisis, dear people! This is called LIFE. There is work for everybody and just your presence and readyness counts. Nobody is ever late, it is all part of the plan you stupid idiots that dare to make up rules. Only GOD's rules count, like Karma and Ubuntu! Our present system is as weak as a card house, waiting for us to do just that one thing.. A gentle blow or touch to the lowest card! Are you ready for this, shall i lead the way? I hope there is at least one baldhead reading this message. World we are getting ready!